Looking for a fun, professional makeup expert to get you all ready for your wedding day or a special occasion? You came to the right spot!! Kate has been rocking in the wedding and event makeup industry for over 10 years! Kate has provided her professional make up services to everything from huge events such as the Pan Am games, photo shoots for local radio djs such as z103.5 crew, The beat and Chum fm, to educating local salons and facilitating in class workshops for local schools. Kate trained at Complections College in Toronto as soon as she was finished high school, and continued to practice and perfect her art over the years. While working for beauty companies such as MAC and Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, Kate also beautified brides and slammed out creative photoshoots surrounding her self with amazing, talented people and experiences never to forget! Finally, after years of planning and practice, Kadien Artistry was created! Kadien Artistry represents the ultimate, makeup experience, with the touch of what makes you unique to create your perfect palette! Kadien Artistry brings this whole experience right to your door for any occasion, along with her immense makeup collection, professionalism and positive energy to jump start the party!