and another one!

Comeback shoot!

    Way back, after I graduated from Complections, I moved back home from Toronto. I knew my next steps were to start building a killer portfolio that I would soon be able to share with the world. I used websites like Model Mayhem, Myspace and FB to connect with local talent and photographers in hopes that we could collaborate and create some magic. I met so many amazing people along this journey but I wanted to share in particular a little story about an amazing photographer who I had met named Simon. Now I cant remember all the small details this was so long ago, but in a nutshell, we were brought together in the attic of an old home along with a wicked, fun model named Stevie and  an amazing, local clothing designer named Michelle to do what we all loved most, make art. Simon had a ton of props, antiques and a wild imagination.  Little did we know that our creative minds would click together like pieces of a puzzle. Simon understood my visions, as I understood his, and from that very first shoot we realized this and became great friends. We worked on so many creatives over the years, and told our twisted stories through these images. We would do a photo shoot just about anywhere! From rooftops to incinerators, run down abandon buildings to radio stations.  Now it has been a while since we have created some art but the time has come and were ready to get back at er with the original crew. Simon, Stevie and I will be working on our next piece very soon! Stay tuned!! 

Some shots from the very first photo shoot with Simon Hammond Photography, Kate Nadon and Estevania