15 Must Have Items for your Bridal Beauty Survival Bag!

Here comes the bride, and her team of powder puffed beauty ninjas prepped and ready to take on any make up malfunction or complication standing in their way!! How do they do it? What power lies in that mystery bag?  The secrets have been revealed and here they are!! 

1. TISSUES! No-brainer I know BUT here's a tip to go along with that: FOLD AND PAT LADIES! Everything runs a little higher and faster on the big day, your temperature, emotions, nose the list goes on! Take your tissue, fold it into four to create a mini beauty pad. Snug it up under your bottom lash line to allow tears to run right into it with out smudging your make up or streaming down your cheeks. You can also use this to pat away sweat, your nose and zip up lipstick on your teeth! Pulling and rubbing will move around your make up and require more touch ups during the day!! Ain't no body got time for that! 

2. Bandages. Yes, some one could get a little boo boo and need a little aid but I'm talking bandages for those blisters that will bust out on the dance floor in those beautiful heels you have been rocking all day! MUST HAVE! On that note, an extra pair of those fold up flats wouldn't hurt to have either!

3. Tampons. Some ones gonna get it, or someones gonna forget it! 

4. Double-sided tape. Not too many people would like to be remembered as the nip slipper at their best friends wedding! 

5. Blot powder. The sweat, the shine the face gets slick at times, this is not the best looking in photos! This isn't the kind of highlight you want to rock when you have spent all this time and money to look your best! Blot away shine and oil prior to photos to maintain a beautiful, matte finish! 

6. Compact mirror. Just to keep an eye on things that may need to be touched up or removed!

7. Nail file. Nothing is worse then putting on your gorgeous gown and getting a snag from a jagged nail , zip away quick and seal up your snag with some clear nail polish, another little gem to add to the goody bag! 

8. A little sewing kit with a needle, thread, scissors and safety pins in different sizes for any wardrobe malfunctions. 

9. Q-tips. For clean ups and touch ups! 

10. Advil. You never know when a head ache could come about, don't let it ruin your night !

11. Lipstick. Gotta touch up them lips after all that food and mingling.

12. Lash glue. If anyone decided to do lashes,  a little lash glue to go doesn't hurt just in case the tears wear it down and your lash pops off. A couple q-tips in a zip lock bag will assist you with the application! 

13. Bobby pins and mini comb to keep the hair looking fab!

14. Gum for after dinner dancing, fresh breath is a wonderful thing when the music is too loud and people are trying to talk to you while jamming out on the dance floor.

15. Deodorant. Its a gonna be along day, you may need a swipe or two 5 hours in! 

That about sums up the top 15-20 items you will need for your just in case beauty bag! Take what you will, you will be ready!